Monday, February 23, 2015

Why having a Healthy Self-Image is so Important

One of the obstacles standing in your way of trying to fulfill your destiny in life might be your own self-image.

How you see yourself and how you feel about yourself will greatly impact how far you go in life.

Most of the time we will never rise above our own self-image.

What is self-image? 
It is that deep down feeling you have about yourself. Your self-image is how you regard yourself, how you regard your own value and if you feel like you matter in this world. It is the feeling that says, "I like myself and I have value," or "I don't have anything to offer the world and I really don't like myself."

The reason your self-concept is so important is that you will probably speak, act, think and react as the person that you think that you are.
If you see yourself as insignificant, having no value, boring, unimportant, unqualified, unattractive, you will probably act in accordance with your thoughts.
If your self-worth is low, you will imagine yourself as a boring, unimportant loser with no chance of ever being worthy of love and acceptance.

Have you ever heard the saying "Thoughts become Things"
"What you think about constantly will become your reality" or "What you think about you will attract."
- "Why did this happen to me?"
- "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all."
- "I can't do anything right."
- " I am too old to start over again."
- "I guess I just have to settle for where I am in life."

These might be some of the phrases that might dominate your thinking right now. Will any of these thoughts make you happy? No.....absolutely not.
I call this "Your Inner Critic" at work. Or your "Monkey-Mind"

On the other hand, people who view themselves as successful, attractive, abundant and worthy and having a sense of value, are usually happy about who they are.

Your self-image is not a physical part of your body. It is more a "subconscious part" that controls your actions and performance.

Ironically, your self-image may be a results of what other people have said about you. Your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, co-workers. Or it may stem from your own self-imposed images that you have painted of yourself in your own mind regarding your appearance , your personality, your abilities or accomplishments.

Every person has an image of himself or herself. The question is, does your image of who you are line up with the truth of who you really are?

So what can you do about this? First you have to become aware of your "Inner Critic" and then start questioning the statements. Is this true about me? Do I really have any proof of what I am telling my self is in fact the truth?
Start creating doubt in your own mind. Start challenging your thoughts, your false beliefs about yourself.
I always say, "You don't have to believe everything you think!"

We must learn to accept and love ourselves just the way we are.... right now. We are good enough and we are worthy of good things. But first we have to learn to challenge those negative thoughts. Then we must shift our focus onto something more positive.

We all must develop a healthy, positive self-image and see ourselves  as priceless treasures. We must start to feel good about ourselves. No one is perfect, we all have our faults and we all make mistakes....but that is OK.
Learn to love yourself, faults and all.

Start today to think of yourself as a champion. Start believing in yourself. Think of yourself as  courageous, successful, strong, healthy and worthy of love.

Learn to control your thoughts. It takes the same amount of energy to think "negative thoughts" as it does "positive thoughts." The choice is yours!

If you don't like what is going on in your life right now, maybe you need to examine your thoughts. Maybe your "Outer World" is full of chaos and drama....maybe you are stuck in a dead end relationship or job. To change might have examine and find out...... what is going on in your "Inner World?"

What do you believe is possible for you?

                                            Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach


  1. Soooo important with self love!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes.... if we don't love ourselves can we love someone else? You can't give away what you don't have.